Emergency Services

Eubanks Roofing LLC offers reliable fast emergency roof repair services to the Upstate, Western North Carolina, and more.
We can’t plan for an emergency, and we are available 24/7 to exceed your expectations while giving you peace of mind. We understand that you depend on the roof of your home or business to function properly, protecting your property and keeping things safe and dry. If your emergency requires a claim through insurance, typically all costs would be covered by your insurance provider.

How do I know if I have storm damage to my roof or home?

Eubanks Roofing has become one of the industry leaders in identification of storm damage such as wind and hail (HAGG certification). Our thorough process begins by conducting a complimentary property inspection, identifying damaged areas to your dwelling, creating a customized professional assessment for you in which a detailed plan to restore your home is created.


Hail damage to shingles cause fractures and cracks in the matt of the shingle, and leaves areas unprotected and exposed to the elements. When this occurs your shingle is unable to effectively protect your home and is causation for leaks. Throughout our complimentary property inspection by our trained professionals, we seek to identify these areas on the roof and for collateral damage on your gutters, downspouts, siding, and more.


Unexpected high winds can cause shingles to be loose, missing, and include granule loss. Throughout our complimentary property inspection by our trained professionals, we seek to identify missing or damaged shingles, as well as damage to sophits, fascia, siding, and more.

Insurance Claims

We treat every complimentary property inspection as if it were our own, and when applicable present the option to make an insurance claim. Throughout the insurance claims process, it can often present difficulties or headache for you. We aim to alleviate any frustrations with insurance that may arise and walk through the process with you, step by step. We are also a “one stop shop” and can handle the entirety of your claim, rather than searching for various contractors.